Quickest Ways To Kill Your Sports Car

Owning a sports car is a dream of many. This dream remains a dream for many but some lucky ones out there get to fulfill their dream and own a sports car. If you have a sports car, you must be special. Keep in mind that your car is almost as special as you are and requires care.

We have seen people literally spoiling their sports car. We understand that you have the money but your vehicle needs your attention not exactly your money. In this article, we will talk about ways you can probably kill your sports car…

You Don’t Check The Engine Oil

The most important part of a sports car (or any other car per se) is the engine. And what keeps the engine running? It’s the oil!

It is crucial that you keep an eye on the engine oil level and change it frequently. For sports car owners we recommend that you should be extra careful and change the engine oil before time.

Engine oil change costs around $40 and your sports car may cost 100,000. So, make a wise choice and change the engine oil on time. Keeping the engine oil also enhances the driving experience, which should be right up there if you are driving a sports car.

You Don’t Change The Air Filter

Your sports car breath through the air filters. Due to high speed involved, air filters of s sports car needs more attention than normal cars. If possible change the air filters after every 15 days or at least at the time of the oil change.

Never clean and reuse the air filters as it may cause other problems.

You are Driving on Worn Brake Pads

The brakes in a sports car become so much more important due to the speed and engine power it possesses. This is the reason why sports car manufacturers spend millions of dollars annually on the research and development of the braking system.

You as a driver should never take worn brake pads or those annoying noise from the brakes lightly. Remember that when you are driving at 140 Km/hour, it is a life that is at stake. Not only yours but of people around you as well.

Not Taking Care of Shocks

The Shock absorbers in a sports car fine-tune the ride. How smoothly it drives and how well it absorbs those bumps will depend on the health of the shock absorbers. Although shocks are not easily damaged but you as a sports car driver should always keep an eye on them mainly because they cost around 1000 – 1500 dollars.

Also, repairing the shocks of your sports car is not a good idea. It might be okay for a normal vehicle but not advisable for a sports car owner.

You’re Not Taking Care of Your Car in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme cold weather can be harmful to your engine and extreme heat can cause physical damage to pain and the shine of your sports car. Just make sure that your car is properly parked in a garage, under a shade when not in use.

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