Top Reasons To Love Alfa Romeo

Well, if you are a teenager and not really into sports cars, you might not have heard of Alfa Romeo.

Other than that, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the brand. It is one of the most prestigious car manufacturing company. It is always one step ahead in producing beautifully designed and craftily engineered sports cars.

The price of the Alfa Romeo beauties is often high for an average buyer but when you talk about value for money, everything begins to make sense.

Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand and has been in the business of sports car and racing since 1911. In this article, we will discuss some of the unique features of this brand and reason to fall in love with it.

A long and proud history

Soon after the inception of the company in 1910, the Alfa Romeo cars began to rule the race circuit. It has been a shining star in some of the most competitive and challenging races from all around the world. The European touring car championship, F1, Le Mans, and Mille Miglia are only to name a few.

Alfa Romeo has been somewhat out of the racing game recently but the cars they make still have the same DNA. If you want power, speed, and excitement – Alfa should be your number one choice.

Makers of some of the most stunning cars

It is not only speed and power that distinguishes this brand from others but the design is simply amazing too. The signature, triangular grille of Alfa Romeo has been one of the most praised features in their cars. If you want some solid proof of this claim just Google 2000 Sportiva Coupe, Tipo 33 Stradale or the 8C Competizione and get ready to be amazed. With 4C and Giulia, the Alfa Romeo is still living up to the expectations and impressing the sports car enthusiast world over!

An Italian Brand

Just like Pizzas, sports car comes naturally to Italy. If you love racing cars, you must adore the detail and love with which Italian manufacturers make their sports cars. Some people are of the opinion that Italian cars are not as reliable and we are not here to prove them wrong. Any true sports car lover will exchange reliability for breathtaking design, amazing speed, and color that makes head turn. Other than that, it is really hard to match the driving experience these Italian cars offer. So, it is really not about the numbers, affordability, and mileage with these cars but true passion, out of this word driving experience and the pride that one holds in owning them!

Alfa Romeo Is Different

Talking about the competition, that is BMW, Benz, Audi, etc are all in the business of making sports cars but Alfa is different. From the day one, the company has maintained the same 5-star standard. However, many believe that the quality of other manufacturers has become a little softer.

Do you love Alfa Romeo too? What do you like the best in the car? Let us know in comments section below!

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