Top 5 Alfa Romeo Classics

Known as the most seductive and unique car makers, Alfa Romeo belongs to the class of its own. Although this brand isn’t the current market competitor, the reputation came from the cars it created in the past.

It all began in 1910 when Alfa Romeo started building some extraordinary sports cars that people started falling for them. With over hundred years of experience in building cars, Alfa Romeo produced some unforgettable models that topped our chart.

Fasten your seat belts as we’ll be reviewing top 5 Alfa Romeo Classics.

Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva 1954

Sportive was actually a concept car, only four cars made it through the completion stages including two spiders and two coupes. This beast was designed by Scaglione for Bertone but it never made to production.

Known as one of the best cars of the fifties, the idea was actually to build ‘flying saucers’ with a tubular space frame and an astonishing DOHC engine sourced from Alfa’s post-war family saloon. Adding more to the DOHC engine, it was blazing fast and reliable that made it look like a futuristic innovation.

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 1952

This was Alfa Romeo’s most futuristic car specially requested by the US for an Alfa Barchetta sports racer. Rounded fenders, low slung profile and convex tail make this car resemble a Jaguar E-type.

This variant was powered by a revamped version of the four-cylinder engine found in Alfa Romeo 1900. Although this car presented a class of its own, many people didn’t like the uncommon design.

Alfa Romeo T33/2 Stradale Prototipo 1967

Alfa Romeo T33/2 Stradale Prototipo 1967 combines the most appealing design and top-notch engineering skills making it superior in the racing circles. Curvaceous design coupled with the aluminum body wrapped around an aluminum tubular chassis makes this car one of its kind.

Only 18 T33/2 Stradale Prototipo 1967 were produced with a lightning fast V8 engine weighing only 700 kg each. This was no doubt a special car that sat low on the road and gives out a picture-perfect look.

Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 1966 – 1994

Known as the queen of cars among many Alfa Romeo lovers, this is one of the most good-looking cars ever produced in history. This car was brought into presence to promote open-top driving and speed on the road.

One can make assumptions about the hype and demand of this car by the fact that it was only manufactured for three years but the design prolonged through the 1990s. From sound to appearance, this car had it all to be called the masterpiece.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Prototipo Bertone

This car debuted in 1957 at the Turin Motor Show making everyone jump out of their expectations. Giulietta SS Prototipo Bertone was expected to substitute Giulietta SS but it never made it to the production.

This unique model stayed in the vision of people who generated it, others remain unlucky to see it.

From classics to most seductive cars, Alfa Romeo has produced it all to meet your expectations in every manner.

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