Ten Years With The Alfa Romeo’s Modern Giulietta (Type 940)


Alfa Romeo’s fleet of luxury and sports cars also includes a more family-friendly vehicle to cater to a broader market. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Type 940 is the company’s take on a small sized family car. If you’re looking for a family car, you might also want to check out our Alfa Romeo Stelvio feature post.

Released in 2010 as part of their centenary celebration, this model is still in reproduction up to date and has received upgrades through the years. If you want to enjoy riding a sports car with the family, then this is a great contender. Below are the details so you can better assess whether it is suitable for you and your family.

A Closer Look At The Alfa Romeo Guilietta (2010)

The modern Alfa Romeo Giulietta Type 940 is the model available today but the Giulietta was actually first launched in the 1950’s. As part of the brand’s centennial celebration, a new Giulietta was released.

Highly different from the previous models, the modern Giulietta is now designed as a hunchback. This 5-door vehicle is designed with the C-Sector in mind. There are also variations available and you can choose between a petrol or a diesel powered one.

The Exterior

Stylish is an understatement. No doubt, this car is a looker. At first glance, you may not be able to identify the rear doors because it blends well to the back into the wheel arch. The door handles for the back doors are cleverly hidden in plain sight in the window frames.

The Interior

Apart from outside, the inside also looks impressive. Boasting a classic design with some modern touches, it’s sleek yet inviting. The classic Alfa cowled dials combine flawlessly with the pedal set and other instruments on the dashboard.

Adjustments for the steering wheel abound but the convex shape of the seats can make it a less comfortable ride especially on long drives. As with other hatchbacks, the legroom on the backseats is limited.

The Engines

There are different engines to choose from but even the least powerful of them performs decently. The cheapest of which is the 118bhp with a 1.4 liter while the 2.0 liter 172bhp engines are the fastest and most expensive. For most people, the mid-range, 1.6 liter 118bhp engine will do fine.

The Driving Experience

As with most Alfa Romeos, this also come with their DNA system, which lets you choose between dynamic , normal or all-weather setting. Each setting can provide a different feel about the ride.

The dynamic setting sharpens the breaks and throttle response.The normal setting is somewhat in the middle and the all-weather further softens everything up. Like most owners, the Dynamic setting would be best to choose so you can better enjoy the ride.

The 2014 Upgrade

  • Front grille changes
  • Chrome surrounds for the fog lights
  • 3 more color options
  • LED headlights and rear lights
  • Touchscreen multimedia system
  • Interior trim and dashboard design
  • New door panel and handle design
  • New seats
  • Steering wheel with aluminum insert in red, black or white
  • 3 wheel sizes to choose from
  • 2 liter engine with reduced noise and fuel consumption

The 2016 Upgrade

  • Honeycomb grille replaced the previous horizontal-slat grille
  • Black inserts for the bumper
  • New alloy rims
  • Upgraded Uconnect infotainment system
  • Contrasting red stitching on the seats
  • Matte black dashboard
  • Black “cannelloni” seats
  • New 1.6 liter JTDm engine for less emission and better fuel economy

The 2019 Upgrade

  • Viscoti Green exterior color option
  • Silver trim at the front bumper and rear diffuser
  • Engine upgraded to fit the Euro 6d-TEMP standard
  • Black, mocha, and red leather options for the upholstery
  • Guilietta Specialle now comes with a 17-inch wheels, black trim and updated accents on the bumpers, body and exhaust pipes, aluminum pedals and contrasting red stitching.
  • Guilietta Veloce also comes with larger 18-inch wheels, yellow accented bumpers, yellow stitching on steering wheels, aluminum pedals, parking sensors, electrochromic rearview mirror, and a 6.5 inch Uconnect touchscreen with navigation.

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