Alfa Romeo Giulia

Latest Updates On Alfa Romeo Models In The US

The pandemic can’t stop car enthusiasts from getting their dream car. That’s why Alfa Romeo is still releasing their 2022 versions of their vehicles for the American market.

Are you in the market for some Alfa Romeo cars? Although there are different models, there are only two models that they currently sell. These are the Giulia and the Stelvio.

Just like other vehicle models, these two have also received updates. Both of the models had just received updates when it comes to their looks by mid-2021. So most of those changes are getting carried over for the 2022 model. However, there are still some notable updates when it comes to features focusing on safety, the new trim levels, and convenience. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2022

Take a look at the Giulia and you’d be impressed with how good it looks. It is one of Alfa Romeo’s best-looking vehicles even if it’s not as luxurious as the other sedans from various brands, it is still a competitive one. That’s all thanks to the Italian design plus the great performance it offers. 

As for 2022, this model will be available in various trim levels, namely the Sprint, Veloce, Ti, and Quadrifoglio. Previously, the Veloce trim level was known as Ti Sport. 

Standard technologies are added to the latest versions. Such would include the automatic high-beam headlights, lane-departure warning, sensors for front and rear, blind-spot warning, and adaptive cruise control.

All trims will also have wireless charging plus navigation is also improved. There are also auto-dim rearview mirrors, heated seats, and an air quality system for further safety and comfort. Bag hooks and a cargo net will be included in the Ti and Veloce trims. 

As for the design, they’ll have a darker grille plus the adaptive bi-xenon headlights. The Veloce is the only one with the finned rear diffuser. There would also be a dark headliner and aluminum sport pedals for the Veloce, Sprint, and Ti. Additionally, aluminum paddle shifters will be fitted in the Veloce and Sprint trim models. 

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2022

Similar to the Giulia, the Stelvio also has design changes and performance upgrades too. It is also available in 4 trims just like the Giulia and will receive upgrades for both safety and convenience. 

The ADAS or advanced driving assistance system will be upgraded to include adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlamps, lane-departure warning, blind-spot warning, and parking sensors just like the Giulia. Similarly, it will also feature auto-dimming rearview mirrors, heated seats, and wireless device charging. 

As for the design upgrades, aluminum paddle shifters will be present on the Veloce and Sprint while aluminum sport pedals will be found on the Ti trim. The overall appeal of the Stelvio for 2022 will look more aggressive due to the darkly colored Scudetto grille, skid plate, roof rails, and exhaust tips. As a standard styling, the Vesuvio Gray body kit will be present in the Ti models. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Is The 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Any Good?

You being here simply means you also love cars with that irresistible Italian flare. Alfa Romeo is known for producing unforgettable classic cars. However, their line of top-notch vehicles doesn’t end in the classics because they continuously produce competitive vehicles just like the 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Are you thinking about getting a C-class Mercedes-Benz or a BMW 3-series? The 2021 Guilia is Alfa Romeo’s entry to take on those sports sedans. It can very well do so with its impressive look, incredible handling, and multiple engine options to match your heart’s desire. Excellent as it may seem, there are still a few things that could have been better with this car model. Let’s take you through Giulia’s highs and lows.

The Giulia 2021

For the 2021 Giulia, there are now three options instead of the previous five. Available for the market are Sprint, Ti, and Ti Sport. For the later models, a panoramic sunroof plus in-dash navigation is standard equipment. Additional colors available are Verder Montreal, Rosso GTA, Ocra GT Junior, and Rosso Villa d’Este.

Engine And Performance

Fitted with a 2L turbocharged four-cylinder engine, it produces 280 hp with 360 lbs-ft of torque. It also features an automatic eight-speed transmission. All of which helps it have enough power to go through various driving scenarios. Driving through both highways and hills wouldn’t cause any issues with this car.

Riding over bumps on the road is smooth plus it has very responsive steering. Body roll is also great even in tight corners. You can easily drive it aggressively but it also produces a  comfortable ride, when toned down. Air suspension also helps achieve that comfortable ride.

Fuel Economy

The Giulia boasts competitive fuel-efficiency ratings. The EPA estimates its gas mileage to be at 24 mpg and 33 mpg when driving in the city or the highway, respectively. This is for the rear-wheel-drive models. 

As for the all-wheel drives, there is only a slight difference. It is estimated to have 23 mpg for the city and 31 mpg for the highway. 

Interior And Infotainment

The Giulia features an elegant interior with soft leather, wood trimmings, and textured metallic touches. The seats are comfortable too. The rear seats are foldable to provide more space for the trunk.

There’s an infotainment system fitted with an 8.8-inch touchscreen. It has 3 USB ports, Bluetooth phone connectivity, audio connectivity, and an aux input jack. Apart from the touchscreen, there is also an auxiliary rotary knob controller.

Final Words

The 2021 Giulia is a great option for those who want a smaller luxury vehicle. It performs well with good engine choices, impressive handling, and comfortable rides. It’s a sports sedan with an Italian flare. However, if you a more luxurious vehicle, there are still other options you can explore. 

Alfa Romeo: What’s New in 2018?

Alfa Romeo is all about pure driving pleasure. No matter which model it is, all Alfa Romeo cars are built on 3 basic rules – Great Design, Great Power & Great Sound. Every car from this company reminds you of Italy and their famous car craziness. Alfas can very well attend to your speed requirements but there is one thing that has always been a concern for fans – The lack of new models, designs and alterations!

This however is about to change in 2018.

After more than almost 20 years, the Alfa Romeo has something exciting for the US fans. A series of models actually designed for the masses and not just for the rich old folks looking to add another car in their collection.

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