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How to Secure a Sports Car in a Tow Truck

There could come a time when you might need to have your Alfa Romeo towed. Although you can drive it to where you’d want to go, and that will also be fun, there are instances when you need to simply have it towed. Whether you are going to travel far distances or you simply want to better preserve your vehicle, loading it into a tow truck is the best thing to do.

Hiring a professional will give you the peace of mind that they really know what they are doing. They know how to properly secure your car in their tow truck to avoid damage to it while in transit. But how exactly are sports cars or other luxury vehicles like Alfa Romeos secured in tow trucks?

Block The Front And Rear Wheels

Generally, a sports car, or any vehicle for that matter, is secured in a tow truck by blocking the front and rear wheels. This will ensure that the vehicle will not move even an inch while it is being towed. There are various ways to block the wheels. The most common way is by using wheel chocks.

You can also use cinder blocks, large rocks, or any other heavy object that can support the weight of your car. Just make sure that whatever you use will not damage your car’s tires. You can put them in front of and behind the wheels to be extra safe.

Use Ratchet Straps Or Chains

After blocking the wheels, the next step is to use ratchet straps or chains to secure the car in place. This will further ensure that your car will not move while it is being towed. The ratchet straps or chains should be placed around the frame of the car so that it will be tightly secured.

Make sure that the straps or chains are not too tight as this might damage your car. You should also not use them on plastic parts of your car as they might break.

Make Sure The Tow Truck Driver Knows You Have A Sports Car

When you are hiring a tow truck company, be sure to let them know that you have a sports car so they can take extra care when loading it onto the truck. This way, they will know that they need to be more careful in order to avoid damaging your car.

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Should You Really Avoid Open Car Transport For Your Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo produces excellent cars. Not only do they look great but they perform extremely well too. Different models have become part of the collection of many car enthusiasts. 

Parked in your garage, it should be safe and sound. However, there comes a time when you have to transport it. Whether for a show or for personal reasons, transporting your beloved Alfa Romeo can be nerve-racking. 

Most will suggest transporting it in an enclosed trailer, especially for long distances. But should you really avoid open car transport? Believe it or not, there are instances when you may prefer to transport your Alfa Romeo with an open trailer. Let’s discuss those further below. 

The Difference Between Open And Enclosed Transport

There are different ways to transport a vehicle. If you are going by land, you could go for either open transport or enclosed transport. The main difference between the two is the truck used. 

Open Car Transport

For open car transport, an open car trailer is used. Open trailers vary in sizes and some even have a top-level too. These are quite handy when transporting multiple vehicles. However, they don’t have side coverings or a roof. That makes the cars exposed to the elements. 

Open car transport is relatively safe to use. In fact, most cars are transported through this method, even brand new ones. 

Enclosed Car Transport

On the other hand, there’s also the enclosed car transport where your vehicle will be completely enclosed in a trailer. It has a roof and the four sides are covered. This provides better protection against the elements and is the preferred method of transporting luxury vehicles like Alfa Romeos. 

Usually, the open trailers and enclosed ones have similar sizes. However, due to the presence of the walls and roof, it may not be able to fit as many cars as compared to open trailers. Usually, an open trailer can fit up to 12 vehicles but an enclosed trailer of the same size can only fit up to 7 cars. 

If you only have one or two cars to transport, there may also be smaller enclosed trailers that transport companies could use. 

The walls of enclosed trailers can be made of durable fiberglass, tin, aluminum, or soft canvas. Soft canvas offers the least protection but it could still effectively protect the vehicle from prying eyes and some environmental elements like rain showers. 

When To Use Open Transport For Your Alfa Romeos

As we’ve said, ideally, you’d want to select enclosed transport for your Alfa Romeo. However, there are times when open transport will also come in handy and maybe preferred more. Here are a few reasons to choose the open transport option.


If you are on a tight budget and simply need to transport your vehicle, an open transport will save you more money than an enclosed one. Although your car is more exposed, many cars have been successfully transported through open transport without damage.

Most Available Option

Not all car transport companies could offer the enclosed car transport option. The standard is open car transport. It is more affordable so more people are likely to choose it, which is also why most companies only offer it. 

The clients for enclosed transport are limited. If the demand is low, transport companies wouldn’t prioritize buying such trailers. Enclosed car transport may be considered as a specialized transport procedure.

Due to a smaller demand, there may also be lesser units available for use. If the company only has one enclosed trailer and is in use, you’d have to wait for it. If you are transporting the vehicle as soon as possible, an open car transport could be a better option. 

Efficient Car Transport

If you are transporting multiple cars, you are likely to choose one that can fit all of your vehicles instead of splitting them into two groups. As we’ve mentioned, even if the trailers of enclosed and open car transport are of the same size, open car transport would still be able to fit more than an enclosed one.

Better Fuel Economy

Another reason why open car transport is more affordable than enclosed car transport is due to the fuel efficiency of the truck. Due to the absence of the walls and roof, open car transport is much lighter than an enclosed one. That helps reduce fuel consumption, plus it also helps reduce exhaust. It may be a better option for those who are concerned about the pollution it produces to transport their vehicles. 

Final Words

So you see, transporting your Alfa Romeo with open car transport isn’t so bad. Although it is ideal to use enclosed car transport, the alternative also works. There are instances that open car transport works best in your favor. Before you automatically dismiss the idea of open car transport, weigh your options first. It may just be the one you need. 

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Long Distance Transport For Your Alfa Romeo

Are you moving to another state? Maybe you’re bringing your Alfa Romeo to a car show in another city. Whatever the reason is, there might be a need for you to bring your vehicle from one place to another.

Sure you can drive your car to the said place but why do that when you can hire a car transport service.

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covered car transport

Transporting Your Sports Car? Get A Covered Car Transport

Congratulations on your recent sports car purchase. Whether you’ve got one of the world’s most affordable sports cars or the more expensive ones, you have to think about how to properly transport it.

There are a variety of ways on how to transport your most precious sports car. One of the best ways to do that is to hire covered car transport. Covered transport provides better security and improved protection for your vehicle while on the road to you.

Apart from that, here are a couple more reasons why you should opt for covered car transport:

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Classic Car Transport

Towing Your Sports Car

Owning a sports car or vintage vehicle is pretty much awesome, let’s be honest.  Simple logic tells us that if someone is willing to spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on something, they must REAAAALY love it.  Indeed classic cars are nice, but unless you plan on using it as your primary means of transportation, you’ve got storage costs, upkeep and insurance to contend with.  Moreover, if you plan on moving long distances or overseas, you may want to consider transporting your prized car to avoid incurring resell-killing miles on the speedometer.

Today, we’re going to delve into the various options vintage and sports car owners have in transporting their vehicles safely and economically.

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