Car Dealerships Adapts To The Pandemic

car dealership during covid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to us all and it is still affecting us at present. Although my friends and family in Italy have gotten through the worst of it, the lingering after-effects of COVID-19 are still very apparent in everyday life.

Through the months, we’ve all learned to adapt and make necessary changes in order to continue with our lives amidst the presence of the virus.

Likewise, it is no exaggeration to say that carmakers and dealerships including luxury brands like Alfa Romeo were also affected by this pandemic, and in many way they have received the worst end of the deal. The good news is that, to varying degrees, they have also managed to adapt to the situation in different ways…

Car Dealership Scenario And The Pandemic

Before the pandemic, the scenario on car dealerships usually involves a huge open space with various car models on the show floor. There are even additional cars stored on-site and they can also be test-driven. For luxury dealerships, like those that offer Alfa Romeo vehicles, additional amenities would be available. Such would include a comfortable seating area, refreshments, and a WiFi connection. There may also be entertainment sources like TVs or magazines. 

However, with the current pandemic, the number of people who go to the showrooms has considerably decreased. This may be due to clients own precautionary practices or due to the imposed guidelines as a response to the pandemic. Nevertheless, car dealerships can’t just sit down and wait. They have to figure out a way to better reach their clients. 

Adapting Through The Pandemic

One of the things that car dealerships and showrooms are now doing is to show off their inventory through the online route. Some are conducting video conferences to showcase the vehicles. Others are creating virtual tours on their websites. Some, which do not have a website, have created theirs for better access. Additionally, some improved their existing websites to make it easier for users to navigate and use. 

Another great adjustment that car dealerships make is to bring the fully sanitized vehicles to their customers for a test drive. Of course, social distancing is still being implemented in their physical locations. Plus, limited numbers of clients at a time may be allowed to enter the facility. 

Finding the available cars online makes it much easier for clients to choose the car that they like and to choose which dealership to buy from. Research online is easier for clients but dealerships should also remember to improve their customer service. If a client inquires about a certain car, it is best to get back at them as quickly as possible or else they’ll likely lose the client. 

Nowadays, paperwork can also be done through email or through phone transactions. This makes it much easier for clients to accomplish all paperwork needed for the purchase. Once everything is set, the client can now pick-up the car from the shop. Dealerships do their best to prevent the spread of the virus by taking extra precautions. They are likely to wear protective gear and limiting the number of people allowed inside. 


Although everyone is facing challenges due to the current COVID-19 situation, there is nothing better to do than to learn to adapt. We can’t just wait for things to be over and we have to be careful. The government has already instructed everyone about taking precautionary measures. It is the duty of the dealerships to ensure that their clients feel safe enough to deal with them. The availability of online transactions or marketing is a gift that every dealership should consider using.

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