Alfa Romeo: What’s New in 2018?

Alfa Romeo is all about pure driving pleasure. No matter which model it is, all Alfa Romeo cars are built on 3 basic rules – Great Design, Great Power & Great Sound. Every car from this company reminds you of Italy and their famous car craziness. Alfas can very well attend to your speed requirements but there is one thing that has always been a concern for fans – The lack of new models, designs and alterations!

This however is about to change in 2018.

After more than almost 20 years, the Alfa Romeo has something exciting for the US fans. A series of models actually designed for the masses and not just for the rich old folks looking to add another car in their collection.

Brief Overview

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is already here but we are going to see some not so big but definitely cool changes in 2018. These changes include the Android Auto and the Apple Car Play. The biggest surprise is the brand’s first big, cool SUV, which looks like the Giulia but is simply bigger and taller. All in all, some exciting things to come in 2018 and below are all the details you need.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The front has been revamped in Alfa Romeo 4C with shiny fiber fascia vents. Other than that the interior now also has a choice of black fine leather with an elegant yellow accent. It’s not a standard feature but something worth paying extra.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

In 2018 we are going to see some minor changes in optional as well as standard equipment in Alfa Romeo Giulia. Talking about the optional addition – the Android Auto and Apple Car Play tops the list. A much needed, automatic emergency breaking system will now come as a standard feature.

What we have really liked in 2018 Giulia is the revised wheel design which will be available for most trim levels.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

This is we have all been waiting for – A brand new SUV, based on simple Giulia design. Alfa hasn’t changed the engine capacity as well, so, Stelvio will be available with same 2.7-liter and 2.0-liter engines. The all-wheel drive function in this SUV is available as standard. The high performance Quadrifoglio will be seen in models later in 2018. All in all, it’s a perfect family vehicle with lots of room, power and of course that elegant look!

That’s all for now folks…if you have more news or anything else to share, please feel free to shout out loud in comments section below.

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