Alfa Romeo – The Luxury Brand That Won’t Quit

Alfa Romeo - King of Italian Moto Machines

The Alfa Romeo is a well-loved European brand that produces fine quality luxury vehicles. It’s a resilient brand that has had a lot of close calls but they always seem to pull themselves back up again.

A look at their catalog will reveal some of the most beautiful cars that were ever made. Look back to a decade ago and you’ll see the magnificent line of luxury cars they have to offer. That includes the Giluletta, Brera, Spider, and Mito.

Although today’s cars still look great and they offer some of the world’s most affordable sports cars, there is an obvious difference when it comes to the looks and driving experience. The Giulia Quadrifiglio and 4C Spider can steal any Alfa Romeo lover’s heart but it wouldn’t be a popular choice especially for the masses.

The Current State Of The Luxury Car Industry

The global car industry, not just the luxury car industry has been experiencing a downfall in the past years. Some plants have closed down and there has also been a cut in the production. There is an obvious fall in the demand not just for luxury European sports cars but for all types of cars.

Similarly, regulations regarding fossil fuels have tightened. This is great for the environment but can cause a headache to car producers. With this, the production of cars is made more expensive. The tighter regulations we see today is just the beginning and it is expected to be even tougher for car producers in the coming years.

Turning Electric

As an Alfa Romeo enthusiast, it can be heartbreaking to part away from the usual cars that they produce. It’s just the way it is. Change needs to come even for our beloved Alfa Romeo classics.

The Alfa Romeo, like other car brands, are now looking into producing electric vehicles. These won’t cause as much pollution as the older fossil-fuel-powered engines. As we all know, this could mean it would cost more to produce such vehicles especially if they are doing it alone.

Their will to survive is strong and their strategy is to pursue a partnership rather than do it alone. Alfa Romeo is currently working on this and it is rumored that they’ll be releasing their line up in 2022. Although they are turning into electric, they would only be producing hybrid electric units and no pure electric cars yet by 2022.


Amid the car industry downtrend, the Alfa Romeo still lives up to its reputation of being a resilient brand. The world is changing and there is a need to cope up by embracing changes.

Producing hybrid electric vehicles through a partnership is a smart move. This could mean that it still isn’t the end of the road for the Alfa Romeo after all.

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